Convert your Shoppers into Buyers”


Introducing "iShopping Guide app" to help generate Revenue for brands. Its a new platform that would provide customers with more information about your products, "It's also a way for a brand to target and change behavior, and get some cross-selling and up-selling going with consumers."


How it works?

Users have to download an app (which will be developed by Virtualmob) and would have to point at a product, logo, packaging to see relevant information come to life.
  • Convert Shoppers to Buyers by providing relevant info instantly.
  • Integrated Buy Button or link, for instant purchases
  • Integrate add to Cashier button, so no more waiting in long queues.
  • Integrate Social Media links
  • Integration of 3D content


A user entering a store can download the app, and then POINT the phone towards a product of interest and relevant information would appear on their screen. The app will use phone's built-in video camera to identify the product using image-processing techniques. With our technology, retailers would not require to add any barcode or QR readers to their packaging, and would allow retailers, to present the information about the product.

Check out other features

This is a neat way of providing customers with more information about products, which they would normally [research] on the Web," "It's also a way for a retailer to target and change behavior, and get some cross-selling and up-selling going with consumers."
The idea behind the app, is to help the retailer provide more information to the shopper while they are in the store, rather than letting the consumer return home after a store visit to further investigate products on the Internet, increasing the likelihood that they will buy the product online.

  • Convert SHOPPERS to BUYERS
  • Pay and Collect: With Send to the Cashier button with in the app, users can buy products whilsts they are shopping and simply Pay and Collect their items at the cashier. So no more long waiting queues to pay.
  • Improve Customer Experience by providing the releavnt information whch interest the user.
  • White label option for development.
  • Dynamic content, so brands are able to change, edit, delete content from the cloud.
  • The app could also send a notice to the user's social networks, alerting friends and associates that this individual is shopping at the retail outlet..
  • User Statistics built in- so the retailers can identify which products are in demand.
  • Many more

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