Convert your PRINT AD into SHOPPING CART”


Introducing "In-App Purchase/Shopping" to generate help generate Revenue for high street Retailers & Print industry. Its a new platform that would allow your customers to make a direct purchase, with in the app, share a product or get the product delivered right at their door step.

Key Benefits

  • Convert your Print Ad to a Shopping Basket
  • Integrated Buy Button or link, for instant purchases
  • Embedding a movie / video
  • Integrate Social Media links
  • Integration of 3D content


The app is highly customisable, with changeable skins, features, UI, and additinal function if required. The app is fully adaptabe as per your lok and feel.

Check out other features

Virtualmob is taking AR to a different dimension and to the next level by integrating "In-App Purchase" platform for Retailers.
Using In-App purchases you can explore new pricing strategies, such as driving downloads with free or very low priced apps, then generating revenue-bearing transactions by offering consumers up-grades, or expansions on their app experience. For example, when an end-user is looking at a prodcut on a Ad print (newspaper, flyers, brochure)eg: Jackets, they can point their camera using their smart phone and get more info on the color, patterns, styles and can click on "Buy Now" the prodct instantly. The transaction is fully integrated into your application; the user doesn't have to disengage to make the purchase. Plus with the service's ability to offer market-specific, incremental pricing, in-app purchases offer a new level of flexibility and opportunity.

  • Convert your readers to buyers with integrated Buy Button with in the app.
  • Pay and Collect: With Send to the Cashier button with in the app, users can buy products whilsts they are shopping and simply Pay and Collect their items at the cashier. So no more long waiting queues to pay.
  • Add value to your print catalogue or magazine by showing additional information about the product when users point at your product.
  • White label option for development.
  • Dynamic content, so brands are able to change, edit, delete content from the cloud.

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