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Augmented Reality Burj Al Arab
IMD Business School
Super Mario Concept
Mobile Recognitions
AR for Furnitures
Augmented Reality Footie
Augmented Reality Location Based Game
Interactive Business Card
Marketing Platform For Music/Movies
In-App Purchase/Shopping
TravelEasy App
Philips With Hight-Tech Augmented Reality
iShopping Guide App
Augmented Reality Business Solutions Provide

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Absolut vodka augmented reality
Kinect application for Photobooth setup
Audi Augmented Reality Calendar
Customise your shoes using Augmented Reality in 3D by virtualmob
Augmented Reality In-App Purchase for magazines by virtualmob
ARchitect demo on Mobile / Tablet
AR Puzzle
Augmented Reality Architecture drawing
Augmented Reality Magazine 2011

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Some of our customers...

Location Based AR Gaming

CSG International in collobaration with Virtualmob - launched an AR gaming app to gain brand awareness at the prestigious for Telcos event Telco.20. Users had to downlaod the app, find a unique code hidden in the game to win an iPad2 .


AR Football game

Sony Ericsson- augmented reality football game, where users can play in real time with animated football team characters..

Augmented Reality for Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Retailers and Manufacturers adopting AR, letting consumers arrange rooms and place furniture using augmented reality solution. To do so, users can select a furniture from the lists, eg: Sofaset, the image can be placed virtually in any corner of theo house which the user has selected. This woudld allow the users to visualize, how a particular piece of furniture would look before they make a purchase.


Victoria Station London

Lynx excite! Why are perfume ads permitted to be so publicly kinky? Being "ambushed by angels" verges on molestation, doesn't it? Imagine a man's cologne ad where female train travelers were ambushed by satyrs.

iADs Augmented Reality adverts for Mobile devices

We can track any type of object, landmark, 3d objects, posters, magazines etc.

Camera Paint

With AR and the iPhone 10, we can bring the game world of Super Mario into real life and interact with them. Save the princess! Run from Bowser!.

IMD Business School

"Why IMD?" Mobile App, which will let you experience a touch of Augmented Reality technology! To use this application, check out our new adverts in the Financial Times newspaper or Economist magazine starting on October 17th. All you need to do is download the AR "Why IMD" app to your iPhone/iPad, scan the ad with your new app and watch it come to life. This app is built on an Image Recognition platform, where you can point and see the content come alive.
Download WHY IMD app


ATOL Optician

Have a look at this great TV spot broadcasted on national french channels to promote our Virtual Trying on Glasses App usingFace Tracking Technology.

Demo Videos

Nike Experience

Nike Store Retail Animation with Augmented Reality Technology.

Augmented Reality Retail Animation for Nike in Spain. The action took place during one month in the Nike store located in the Nou Camp Stadium (FC Barcelona Stadium).

Demo Videos

Nissan QASHQAI Experience

Nissan France launched a unique In Store Nissan Qashqai Augmented Reality Experience featuring finger pointing technology to configure the colour of the crossover and an exciting game emphasizing the car.

Hilton Hotel in the 3D Augmented space

Experiencing with their latest print brochure to display and provide an augmented 3d view of their hotel…

Demo Videos

Tissot Watches – Virtual fitting experience..

The application is available on the Tissot website www.tissot.ch/reality and allows users, when they hold their wrist in front of a webcam, to try on watches and change models, colours and styles on their computer and see themselves in realtime 3D.

Demo Videos

Opel astra

New Opel Astra Sports Tourer Augmented Reality Experience offers Innovative Interactions in Consumer Environment

To support the launch of the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer, AR solution was developed for Opel/Vauxhall an Augmented Reality Experience available in several languages on Astra Sports Tourer micro sites. This experience highlights and illustrates the new breathtaking design, innovative FlexFold rear seat system and offers consumers an interactive driving experience bringing the car into their environment. here" You can experience it online here.

Demo Videos

Renault's Cross-Media Augmented Reality Experience

French Car Manufacturer, Renault unveiled European Cross-Media Augmented Reality Experience for the official launch of its two last convertible cars "New Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet " and "Renault Wind".

Demo Videos

Virtual Dressing Room

A snippet into the Future Dressing Rooms

"The application is a true breakthrough in online product visualization, as clothes are automatically overlaid on the consumer`s real-time video image through their webcam.The virtual dressing room makes online shopping easy and viral: with a simple wave of a hand, shoppers can select, rate and share their top picks with friends via Facebook or email, and even purchase the items directly from the shop.

Demo Videos

Ray-Ban's Interactive Shop Window for Virtual Glasses Fitting boots Digital Signage

Activ'Screen unveiled at Silmo show an Interactive Shop Window for Virtual Glasses Fitting. Visitor are able now to try directly and automatically Ray-Ban glasses. This display is using Augmented Reality Technology, Face Tracking and Movements Detection.

Demo Videos

Augmented Reality Experience for 7star Hotel Burj Al Arab

Many luxury hotels are/ has cleverly leveraged AR to provide deeper engagement, wow factor or brand butler services to their clientele:

Television, radio and print newspaper consumption habits are dying out in favour of online video (78%) than those who regularly read a printed magazine (76%) or newspaper (68%). Augmented Reality is taking digital marketing strategies to a more sensory, immediate, attuned level – perfect for Millennials and others on either side of the generational divide. AR enables consumers to virtually try on jewelry, watches, clothing and handbags. With these stats considered, how have many luxury brands engaged these new media Millennial mindsets?

Demo Videos

augmented Reality Magazine 2011 from Virtualmob on Vimeo.