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Company: Furrer-Jacot- Leading brand jewellery designers based in Switzerland.

QR Reader Campaign

With very little time and investment and virtually no learning curve for consumers , QR codes are a perfect way to enegage brand experience andwareness. This QR code will be published in magazines and web to get user to scan the code which wil direct them to their FACEBOOK page, where they can start tagging their favourite ring, to win a dimaond ring. Scan the code to experience. Download QR reader app on your smart phone, recommended app:i-nigma.....

Find and Go app


Mobile app: "Find & Go" is the best way to search, find and book Hotels, Restaurants, Tours, Things to do, Events when you are visiting another city on the go.. It allows users to look at places in realtime, and compare hotels, reviews instantly, with an option to view on the Google or in reality.

Key features

The aim is to bring most up-to date hotel and rooms availability on to the users phone based on real-time platform/booking engine, meaning you can book your room right in the app. Additionally, users can also explore tourist attractions, nearby restaurants and contact tour operators for sight seeing / booking .

Location based advertising/Geo-fencing marketing


LBA is a new form of advertising that uses location-tracking technology in mobile networks to target consumers with location-specific advertising on their mobile devices. .

Targeting the right user, at the right location, at the right place and at the right time.

“LBA refers to marketer-controlled information specially tailored for the place where users access an advertising medium” . Imagine if a tourist is in Tokyo with friends and are looking for a restaurant, she can just use her mobile phone to connect to the dining club’s websites to browse according to her location, culinary preference, and time. The dining club server then provides her a list of restaurant nearby offering that culinary preference and accepting discount coupons at that time.

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Location Based Advertising

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While the often used “Starbucks example” sounds exciting – you’re walking past a Starbucks and you get an SMS for a free coffee, it is unlikely that this would ever work in practice. Importantly in this example, Starbuck don’t discount their coffee, or have a loyalty program and in cities like London they are simply everywhere. According to a new research report from Berg Insight, mobile location-based service revenues in Europe are forecasted to grow from €220 million (US$270 million) in 2009 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12 percent to reach €420 million (US$515 million) in 2015. Local search, navigation services and social networking are believed to become the top applications in terms of number of users. Berg Insight estimates that one third of all mobile subscribers in Europe will use some kind of location-enhanced application on a regular basis by 2015. The social networking category is forecasted to experience the highest growth in the coming years.

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QR applied for various businesses

Few ways on how QR codes could be implemented into business:

Till receipts Placing a QR code on the bottom of a till receipt has not as far as I have noticed been implemented fully across retail. This is such a simple and cost effective way of engaging with a consumer especially for brands with a mobile savvy demographic.
Product labels Whether on swing tickets or on the printed product information the QR code could link to a dedicated landing page that brings up all of the product information.
Consumer mailing Why not place a QR code on the bottom of all printed and digital communication directing to the landing page showing further content or indeed encouraging readers to opt in to electronic mailing rather than postal.
In shop windows Direct consumers to your store page for the location allowing them to bookmark the details including opening hours etc.
Public transport How often do you look at the seat in front of you when on the train? Why not put a QR code on the back of every seat and sell the advertising space, the great thing is the URL can be changed without the need to re-label the seats. Advertising opportunity also exists on the label.
At conferences We all have badges scanned but using QR codes on stands allows potential clients to bookmark your chosen contact details, saving business cards and helping to engage the client.
On business cards The humble business card could do with a face lift, why not QR the card and allow a landing page of detail about the business or individual.
Newspapers On every offline ad, put the QR code to divert to a digital experience or Facebook page.
Prescriptions Every drug sold comes with guidelines, place a QR code on the packaging allowing the patient to quickly view the instructions online.
Few ideas that we have build for councils putting them on penalty notice charges, council tax bills etc, allowing us to go straight to the payment portal. The above list contains practical uses in digital and offline marketing for QR codes, we'll see if any come to fruition when I review this post in 2012.

QR reader

BMW conceptual video, only supports iPhone 4 currently..

Toyota Brochure

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Application Type : Standalone (install it on your computer)
Version available : Windows

Demo Videos

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

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