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How to Use Augmented Reality in Advertising?

It's important to think about augmented reality as an additional form of advertising (in other words, it shouldn't be your only strategy). But based on its newness, if you're able to pull it off correctly, your company is seen as innovative.

Beyond that, the expense of pulling off an AR campaign pales in comparison to traditional print or broadcast advertising and establishes a longer-lasting, deeper connection with your consumers via an emotional connection, which in the end turns to more repeat business and sales. Here are the real reasons to think hard about utilizing an AR campaign.

Innovation: It's always good to be first to market, particularly when it comes to technology. In social networking, is no longer around, but their work inspired sites like Facebook, Twitter and more and their employees have moved on to impressive roles elsewhere. "This (AR offering) isn't just a one-off ad campaign. "This is an innovative approach by a destination marketing group (VSPC), the first of its kind, to use augmented reality to change their perception. Whenever the (travel) industry catches on, nobody else will have been first, and VSPC will be looked at as innovators."

What added value does AR offer for businesses? "It's really quite simple,you are connecting further with customers and you're seeing your content as a brand in the real world with unbelievable visibility and scale."

Outdoor marketing / promotional campaign


Interactive Kiosk

This solution can help you set up spectacular demos in public places. Consumers get the opportunity to play with client brochures and products while augmented reality brings "tactile" imaginary element to this interactive experience.

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Infiniti EX Interactive Kiosk


Interactive kiosk developed for the launch of the Infiniti EX, incorporating a technology called "augmented reality." Unveiled at three History Channel events in Washington DC, San Francisco and Atlanta .

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