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Philips promoting their Grooming products range using AR face tracking engine.


Users will visit the campaign through the Philips facebook tab and will be diverted to the AR experiencence. Users will be prompted to turn their camera on on their PC and start having fun by trying

              various beard styles, moustache on their faces in               realtime. They can finally take a photot and share on               FB. Try the demo



Wine tour: allowing people to point at the vineyard and see the how the grapes are processed to produce wine.

AR Wine labels: Point at the bottle to view food pairing, suggestions, descriptions of aromas.. Also, where and how the wines were produced.

A guest walking around your vineyard just sees rows and rows of vines… wouldn’t it be interesting to know which varieties they are and what you use them for;             what characteristics the different grapes have and why             you use that particular percentage in your blend.

#Magazines and Books

The aim of interactive AR books is to help children to build a ladder by listening to the voice informations and finger pointing on several objects in the picture. This kind of digital game brings interactivity, fun and magic to traditional children's books.

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AR books

Mc Donald – Happy Meal – Arthur

- Download the installer

- Download the installer for Mac

Application Type : Standalone (install it on your computer)
Version available : Windows

Toyota Brochure

- Download the installer

- Watch the video

Application Type : Standalone (install it on your computer)
Version available : Windows

Demo Videos

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

Opel launched another Augmented Reality experience for the Astra Sports Tourer, featuring keyboard driving to experience the loading capacity trunk.

- Watch the video

Try the sample Experience for MAC | PC — Print Brochure here)
Application Type : Desktop Standalone[Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 | MacOSX]

Demo Videos

Coca Cola Zero AVTR campaign

Hold a Coke Zero can/bottle up to your web cam and you will control an helicopter by moving the can around.

- Try the experience

– Watch the video

Application Type : Desktop Standalone
[Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 | MacOSX]